Who we are?

FireFly is a promising company established in Turkey in 2016 to produce shoes, bags, wallets and others. Most of our products are made of natural leather in a high quality and stylish types. Our aim is to produce goods that highly satisfying our customers all over the globe. FireFly products  are chosen from literally thousands of styles, colors and trends based on research of fashion and in-depth understanding our customers' requirements. The company sells the products online as well as through the stores by applying a clear privacy policy and terms of use which is uploaded to the website to preserve the customers' right and to guarantee comfortable transactions. 


To be a leading company in the field leather products.


FireFly is a company produces  and sells shoes, bags, wallets and others in a high quality which meets the customers' demands and taste

Value statement:

Comfort and sustainable = راحة دائمة لاجلك

For all walks of your life.

Give value to your style