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Exchange and Refund Conditions

To change a product, you must create a new order from the website or contact our company ‎by phone. After receiving the product you sent, we send the new product. If the new product is ‎not in the store, you can request to return or exchange to another product by contacting the ‎customer service.‎
Exchanging and returning evening dresses and designer dresses are accepted only if ‎delivered to the cargo on the same day of receipt.‎
Head covers, shawls and underwear cannot be exchanged or returned for hygiene reasons.‎
Note: The product/s sent back lose(s) the exchange or return possibility after 14 days of its ‎receipt, or if they are used in a way that makes it impossible to be sold again. Also, if the ‎product is found without any accessories or gifts; it will not be accepted, and in this case, you ‎will be notified and the product will be returned to you.‎
For any reason, the return time for the product you wish to return is 14 days from the date of ‎receipt on condition that the product is not damaged or used and the possibility of reselling is ‎valid. ‎
If you wish to send the product that you want to exchange via a cargo company that we are ‎not contracted with, you must pay the shipping fee or the product will be returned to you.‎
We pay the shipping costs for the first-time exchange as an offer for each user of our ‎website. In the event of a second exchange request, the shipping charges are paid by the ‎customer. After the second exchange, the possibility of return will be no longer available.‎

Exchange Address: İkitelli Osb mah., Giyim Sanatkarları, Başakşehir, İstanbul / Turkey

Email Address:  ‎

Exchange request is rejected if products are not shipped. Refund and Exchange Terms apply ‎to the orders in the shipment only. You can obtain your order details by calling our customer ‎service number: 00905347873138

Return / Refund of Product
From the moment the products reach our warehouse, check the Exchange and Refund ‎Conditions for the product: ‎
For orders purchased via credit card, shipping charges are deducted and the remaining ‎amount is refunded to your credit card. ‎
For orders purchased via installments, the bank will repay the amount refunded by ‎installments, as well. ‎
For orders purchased via at the door payment, the terms above apply in cases where there is ‎no defect in the product. The service and shipping charges will be deducted, and then the ‎remaining amount will be refunded. After checking the returned product/s to our warehouse and ‎complying with the Exchange and Refund Conditions, the product/s price will be refunded.‎