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This contract specifies the rights and obligations associated with the website for both ‎parties, who will acknowledge that they will fully enforce the rights and responsibilities when ‎the contract is accepted by them in due course, within the terms of the contract.‎

‎1.a. Fireflymoda reserves the right to make changes to its products, prices and services.‎
‎1.b. Fireflymoda undertakes and acknowledges that it will enable you to benefit from the ‎services of membership contract, except in the case of technical errors and failures.‎
‎1.c. The user acknowledges in advance that legal and criminal proceedings will be carried ‎out against her/him if s/he performs reverse engineering of the Site, receives the Code of the ‎Site or takes any action thereof, and acknowledges as well that s/he will be responsible in such ‎cases for the damages caused to a third person.‎
‎1.d. The user acknowledges that s/he will not share or produce content that is misleading, ‎deceptive, abusive, obscene, pornographic, anti-public, or anti-morality in communication and ‎protocol or that causes harm to a third person, or that is unauthorized or illegal in any way or in ‎any part of the Site. In either case, this user will be fully responsible for damages incurred, and ‎the Site’s authorities reserve the right to suspend, terminate or initiate legal proceedings against ‎the user’s account.‎
For this reason, the judicial authorities reserve the right to share information about the ‎users’ activities or accounts if necessary.‎
‎1.e. The Site’s members are responsible for dealing with each other or with a third party.‎

‎2.1. All intellectual property rights, whether registered or unregistered, such as trademarks, ‎patents, trade names, logos and design, are subject to the protection of national and ‎international law and belong to the Owner Company and the Site’s operator. Visit to the Site or ‎use of the Services on this Site DO NOT give any rights to Intellectual Property Rights
‎2.2. It is prohibited to reproduce, publish, copy, submit or transmit of any information found ‎on the Site in any form, and this information cannot be used in whole or in part on any other ‎website without permission.‎

‎3.1. Fireflymoda will not disclose the personal information that a user sends to a third ‎person or party. Personal information such as name, surname, address, phone number, mobile ‎phone, e-mail address, etc. is known in brief as “Confidential Information”.‎
‎3.2. The user acknowledges and agrees that the owner of the Site has the right to share ‎her/his contacts, status, and demographic information with the affiliate or group companies and ‎that the use of the marketing activities is limited only to definition, advertising, promotions and ‎discounts.‎
This personal information can be used within the company to identify customer profiles, to ‎provide promotions according to the customer profile, and to conduct statistical studies.‎
‎3.3. Confidential information may only be disclosed to the authorities if such information is ‎requested in an official situation and when disclosure to the authorities is mandatory in ‎accordance with the provisions of the applicable legal legislation.‎

This applies to the maximum limit permitted by applicable law for this article of the ‎contract.‎
The guarantee applies to the services provided by the company as they are, or as they ‎should be, and the marketing, but there is no guarantee in any other feature or explicit or ‎implied law (including all information listed), or in any feature associated with the application ‎or services, in addition to the implied warranties of breach or application with a specific ‎purpose.‎

The user is obliged to give recent registration information that is correct and not deficient, ‎and otherwise will be considered a breach of contract and the account will be closed without ‎informing the user.‎
The user is responsible for the password and security of his/her account on the site and ‎third party site, and otherwise Fireflymoda is not responsible for data loss, security breaches, or ‎hardware damage.‎

If the responsibilities resulting from the contract are not fulfilled by the parties due to ‎situations beyond the control of the parties such as: natural disasters, fire, explosions, wars, ‎internal wars, riots, public movements, declaration of mobilization, epidemics, infrastructure ‎failures, internet and power cuts will be considered compelling reasons in addition to the ‎reasons below mentioned, if this happens, in this period, the rights and obligations of the parties ‎arising from this agreement shall be suspended.‎

If one of the articles of this contract becomes ineffective, in part or in full, this article ‎guarantees protecting the remaining validity of the contract.‎

Fireflymoda has the right to make amendments to all or part of the terms and conditions of ‎the contract and the services offered on the site, and the amendments will be valid from the date ‎of publication on the Site.‎
The user, however, is the party that is responsible for following up with modifications and ‎amendments, and acceptance of such modifications by the user is considered by continuing to ‎benefit from the services offered.‎

All notifications sent to the members associated with this contract will be sent by the ‎company’s e-mail to the user specified in the membership form. Therefore, the user must notify ‎the other party in writing within 5 days of changing the e-mail address for notifications when ‎s/he was a member and otherwise the notifications sent to the previous email shall be deemed ‎valid.‎

Records, documents, computer records and fax records of Parties shall be evidence in ‎accordance with Civil Procedure Code 6100, and the user acknowledges that he will not oppose ‎such records.‎

The Executive Chambers and the Central Courts of Justice in Istanbul are entitled to settle ‎all types of disputes arising from the interpretation or application of this contract.‎